Monday, March 31, 2003


What Went Wrong?

Wait! Don’t turn your back on me
I know you’ll get irritated
When it comes to me
But please stop and listen
Because there’s something I have to tell you

I know you’ve hated me before
I just don’t know if you still,
I tried to forget you before
Don’t worry, I did!
I tried to stay away from you
Though it’s kinda hard for me at first

I don’t know what went wrong
Many people hated you since then
But there you go running through my head again
I still can’t explain what went wrong

But still I’m thinking
What’s wrong with me?
I’m beginning to look at you every class hours,
I’m beginning to look for you when you’re not around,
I started to be happy again and again
When its you and me together in a group
Tell me, is there something wrong?
Or it’s just my imagination jerkin’ around again

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