Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Last Words

Last Words

This would be the last time
that I’ll be seeing you for a while
so please give me a chance
to talk with you even for an hour

I heard you’re already leaving
and would stay far for good
Why do you have to leave?
leave everything for your own good

Having you invisibly around
makes my life so cold and mis’rable
What more if you’re a thousand miles far?
What do you think would happen to my life?

I know you never dared to miss me
don’t even care and think about me
but I do hope there’d come a time
that you’d come to think and care about missing me

All I can say is goodbye
the only word that I know
you’re expecting to hear from me
I can’t extend and make them long
‘cause I know you’ll just ignore
the things I really wanted to say

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