Monday, February 09, 2004



Though you’re not the brightest star in the sky
Still you’re the brightest star I see
And even if you’re not the brightest star,
You’ll always be the brightest one for me

Though I don’t see you often
I’ll still wait for you every night
Even everyday just to see your smile..
Although it’ll take a quite long time

You’re the star I really wanted to reach,
The star that lights up my darkest sky
And colors up my black and white life
By just one look up into the sky

Though it’ll take a very long time
To reach you, hold you and have you near me,
Have those smile and you in my hands
I’ll wait patiently for a long time

Though people would say I’m a fool
Crazy for dreaming to own a star,
Waiting for a star to fall down
I’d still wait for it to fall
For I’ll wish to have
that not-so bright star personally mine

-80th kc pang 80 tong nagawa kong to dun sa book1

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