Sunday, November 09, 2003

Stay with me

Stay with me

Stay with me until the sun goes down,
Until my eyes close and my pants got dirty
Don’t leave me alone here, together with the dried leaves
Falling down the old tree that we used to stay

Stay with me until Spanky comes,
The show ends and the clock strikes at 12
Don’t leave me alone if you’re with someone,
Left me at that side, talk with myself alone all night
Stay with me until I got my own car,
Afford myself a house and have my own band.
Be with me until I throw away Batman,
Spend more time with me,
Until I learn a lot of things from you

Stay with me until the sun sets up,
Until I go to school,
Until my pens ink run out,
Until the last song ends.
Be there until my dreams end.
Wake me up and make me realize
That it’s only a fairy tale that I’m wishing could happen

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