Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Unperfect Chi -pirated

Unperfect Chi

I have done many things
And for you I’ll do anything
I’ll try to learn the things you love
And bring out the best of what I have

I have sacrificed a lot of my time
To make sure that you’ll be mine
But I’m not Chi, the one in your dreams
Who can play your games and who’ll surely wins

I keep praying that someday
You’ll fall for me and you’ll stay
That of all the stars you’ve seen in the sky
I’m the one who can bring you high

But I am not Chi, I’ll never be
Because what’s in your heart you don’t see
I can only dream about these all
And there’s no way I can break my fall

-hiningi ko lang 'to sa 1st yr hs na may crush dun sa friend ko nung 3rd yr hs plang ako, pinalitan ko lang yung words, nakarelate kc ko... gawa pla to nung hiningan ko para dun nga sa friend ko na crush nya, e nagpapalakas sakin e!hehe...

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